ISO9001 Certification UKAS


Quality System

Tallamar Quality Management System:

Tallamar Electronics is aware of the importance of meeting the needs of our customers and the stakeholders from a proper management and good quality service. For this reason, we implement a Quality Management System, according to the ISO9001:2015 standards, recognizing the compliance with our Organization’s standards of Quality, current legislation and requirements of stakeholders in a spirit of improvement.

Tallamar extensive experience in maritime electronics, has helped to understand better our eclectic and exclusive status of our clients, therefore we have implemented a QMS overlooking the quality  certification according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Tallamar´s Activity develops the following issues:

  • Electronic Equipment sales and Advisory Service in the sale and after sales of electronic equipment.
  • Installation, repair and programming of electronic equipment.
  • Radio Survey service.
  • Examination of electric/electronic equipment.

Tallamar is aware of the great importance that must meet the needs of various stakeholders. In order to achieve this
satisfaction, this Organization should function as a single entity, that is perfectly geared to bring the objectives and goals
Services performed by our Organization are made in every kind of boat located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Thus, this Politic of Quality is made with the intention of:

  • Achieve the full satisfaction of our customer and stakeholder is the base to obtain a better collective result.
  • Fulfil with the rules of applicable quality, with the valid legislation and with the requirements and specifications of the
    customer, installed products or repaired and the services loaned.
  • Achieve periodic reviews of the System of Management of the Quality to have a thorough knowledge the requirements
    of our customers and stakeholder and the degree of fulfillment of the same on our part, always faithful to our spirit of
    continuous improvement.
  • Define some Aims of Quality that improve the perception that the stakeholders have from our Organization.
  • Boost the training of our personnel in subjects related to the quality of our products and services, enrolling to specific
    courses of installation, programming, thus, searching for the continuous improvement.
  • The top Management publishes this Quality Policy in order to ensures that it is known and understood by all the members of the staff and it is available to all the stakeholders that wish to know it.

With this Policy, Tallamar Electronics S.L. pretends to achieve a greater competitiveness in the maritime industry and achieve
the leadership in marine electronics in the Balearic Islands. For this, ours Organization has got the human resources and
necessary materials for the achievement of this Policy of Quality.

Tallamar Quality Management System