Network Service

Tallamar creative design services which will take you through from conception to creation allowing the individuality of your yacht to take precedence. We offer the best professional radio surveyors and radio surveys in Palma.

Bridge Services

As authorised dealers we can cover guarantees on equipment making repair time fast and easy. Our technical support team are efficient and readily available.

Customer Care

Our expert team will advise and assist you after installation so that you will always feel supported in every area.

Retail Services

We independently supply premium brands and innovative technology at competitive prices due to our industry business connections. Simply ask if there is something special you have seen and we will research and locate it for you.

Tallamar creative design services , customer care, technical support and warranties and retail: Tallamar Electronics is aware of the importance of meeting the needs of our customers and the stakeholders from a proper management and good quality service. For this reason, we implement a Quality Management System, according to the ISO9001:2015 standards, recognizing the compliance with our Organization’s standards of Quality, current legislation and requirements of stakeholders in a spirit of improvement. Over the years we have built an expert team of specialists providing technical assistance locally, remotely and globally – we can even fly out to your yacht where-ever you are in the world to solve any issues that arise.