Saimlon processors

Tallamar installs best processors from Sailmon. We present you great solutions of the brand for your cruiser or racer.

Here are the latest recommended processors for your yacht. They will deliver fast and reliable information so you can view your boat data according to your needs . Tallamar will advise on the best option and install it on board.

Each Sailmon E4 processor is customized for specific requirements:

Model E4 Silver- high-performance sailing processor

Perfect for a 30-40ft cruiser/racer

Configures and calibrates to view boat data on your smart device

Fair quality versus price offering. Suitable for small motor and sailing yachts.

Excellent processor for super yachts and Grand Prix’s.

Good choice processor for Grand Prix boats and Super Yachts.

For 26 years Tallamar knows that trust and quality comes first and we take responsibility to provide our expertise and satisfy your needs. We customize each required repair, refit or upgrade on marine electronics on boards of luxury yachts. More than supplying Sailmon products, we can consult and design full packages of marine electronics to fit your needs.

Get in touch with Tallamar Electronics. We will provide technical advise and distribute best Sailmon option. Also we will install it on your sailing or motor yacht and offer on-going support.

Remember, Tallamar installs best processors from Sailmon

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