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  • 7 May, 2020
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Navico is a reliable and long-lasting partner of Tallamar. They provide us all available Navigation Systems from B&G – the global leader in sailing navigation and instruments. Tallamar is pleased to recommend Navigation System ZEUS3S GH. Zeus 3S Glass Helm System promises great performances and outstanding speed and for  blue water sailing, multihulls and superyachts.

Zeus3S Glass Helm accessible in 24, 19 and 16 inch models. It can be sourced as a system pack or as display-only. B&G ZEUS3S System packs include:

  • ZEUS3S MFD Glass Display
  • ZG100 GPS Antenna
  • B&G ZC2 Remote
  • SD Card Reader

Find below some of ZEUS3S main strengths:

Extremely fast and smooth transition and access – iMX 8 integrated six-core processor

Ultimate Clarity with Intuitive Touchscreen Control  – Ultra bright, wide angles, possibility to combine up to six panels in a split-screen layout without lags

Fully Connected – everything needed to build a glass helm system. Wired Ethernet, NMEA 2000®, and J1939 networking – a lot of integrations options (display systems, radars, sonar, engine integration, etc)

ZEUS3S full and easy video

Hence Navigation System ZEUS3S GH is a B&G premium series MFD solution for larger boats please find below a list of key features:

  • Latest available navigation system as speed and performance
  • Big and easy to use format: 16 /19 /24 inches – Full HD
  • Guaranteed visibility without polarized glasses
  • Connects to B&G’s performance network modules for the ultimate offshore performance: Halo Radar, Autopilot, ForwardScan™, NMEA 2000 and 0183, Integrated Pilot Control
  • Full suite of sailing features: Sailsteer, PredictWind, RacePanel, LayLines and SailingTime
  • 6-Way display panel split
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • HDMI and Video Inputs
  • Connect with smartphones, tablets, and internet hotspots

Tallamar has certified technicians which install successfully B&G electronics since many years now. They attend specialized in B&G courses and provide best quality installments and advice which can suit any sailing or motor yacht need.

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